Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week in review

Writing down your life changes things somehow, makes you more aware of how you would like it to read, how you would like it to go.
I read quite a few blogs, people who have written books, become photographers, gardeners, or opened a restaurant - all things that they would have likely done without the blogging... but who knows?
How do you determine the origin of your accomplishment? Did you reach your goals by shear force of (your own) will, or was it magnified by faith from the ones you love?

I am a person who likes to please, likes to be appreciated, likes to exceed expectations.

This week I was dealt a rather crushing work place blow, and this criticism made me think of previous positions, given on faith, confidence that I would do well... and I did, maybe more so than any other position I have had since.

I have learned a lot about myself this week:
I like spending my morning doing crunches and push-ups rather than cleaning (despite the fact that I can only do 5 boy push-ups at a time!)
I allow myself to be distracted from my own goals too easily. (To compensate I bought a sketch book to make use of during lunch hours)
I love avocado on my scrambled eggs.
If you don't think that I want to work for you, then you are right. You don't want me to work for you, so I don't want to work for you.
... and smoked salmon will cure a deep craving for cheesy nachos.

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