Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Seattlites are weenies. It's true!
I went to college in Arizona, I should be able to handle this, but a week of temps in the 90's (well today is supposed to be the hottest day on record, topping over 100 degrees) and we Seattlites are reduced to a puddle of misery.
Like the four feet of snow we had last winter, we are not prepared to handle 90 degree weather (much less 100 degree weather). People are waiting overnight outside home stores in hopes of purchasing air conditioners being trucked in from Chicago.

So between cold showers (at 9:30, 11, 6 am, and 10:30...) I am making a list.

My top 10 ways to beat the Seattle heat:
1. The cold shower is a must. It ranks number one for proximity (you don't have to brave the boiling outdoors to get there!) and cost effectiveness (if like me water is included in your home owner dues).
2. Hang out in your freezer. There are sure to be boxes of tasty treats (in my case 6 kinds of popsicles and icy things), and the air in there is cold. Cold is good. Oh, but don't hang out too long, those tasty treats will melt.
3. Go to work. If you work in a respectable office building, it will be the only place to find air-conditioning. Barring work, head to a shopping mall. We took a trek over to University Village on Sunday, they have air-conditioned shopping and frozen yogurt. I was quite pleased.
4. If you decide to stick it out at home, make sure all windows and doors are open. Check fans obsessively to ensure that are working. Try placing bowls of ice in front of fans, and invest in a misting bottle filled with ice water.
5. Iced coffee. Drink by the gallon. It is Seattle after all, I know you know what iced coffee is!
6. Contemplate sun tea, that too could be iced.
7. Nordstrom sale. Again, air-conditioned, and they have cute shoes!
8. Dream of Hawaii, it is cooler there. It is cooler on most tropical islands.

9. Be thankful that you don't live in Vegas (sorry Carrie!) it is presently 102 there, with an expected high of 105 today. Yikes!
10. Dream of fall and winter, they will come soon enough. Maybe you should just enjoy the heat now?

11. Add some ice packs to the bed!


atul said...

nice tips to avoid summer heat particularly for a person like me who has to face temperatures upto 47 degree celsius.....

Anonymous said...

lol...I love your list! I must say though, I miss living in Vegas in the summer! Everyone there has centrail air, unlike these crazy people in Los Angeles that have totally ruined summer for me with their so called 'ocean breeze' that negates the need for air conditioning. Ha...they're crazy if you ask me!