Friday, July 3, 2009

The day off before a holiday

It is an interesting thing taking a picture every day. Thinking about taking a picture every day. Yesterday we had dinner with some friends at Ponti (part of the birthday week celebration). I took the camera, but didn't use it. There is a wonderful aspect of just enjoying the company of friends, but then the regret of not capturing that same moment...
I am not particularly impressed with any of my 3 of 365, but can hardly wait for the collection.

Today David, Craig (my brother) and I debated my brother's age while wondering around Swanson's, drinking coffee, and lusting after plants.
Oh! and then we bought a fancy new tent! Our next camping adventure will take us to Port Townsend at the end of August and will hopefully include: beach combing, creamery touring, biking Fort Warden trails, afternoon napping (it was so relaxing during the last vacation, why not?) and I always try to sneak in a coffee date or two!

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