Friday, July 3, 2009

101 in 1001

I found an old blog I used to have, many many moons ago .... I thought I had deleted it, but it was still there. On said blog, I had posted a list (one that I threatened to make Heather do recently) of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days, and reading the list I was ... wowed... to find that I have done these things, I have really accomplished all but maybe 5 (okay, I counted, there are 16 that I haven't done, but then again I don't have any relatives in Cuba, so that make #29 a bit tricky!) ... It is amazing to see yourself doing the things that you always wanted to do!

My 2006 list of goals (keep in mind, 101 is quite a few, you get a bit silly after 10!):
1. Get a passport
2. Follow up on the prospect of tuition reimbursement, take a language class
3. Go to Paris this October
4. Go to the Louvre
5. Use the spa gift certificate (I re-gifted, that counts right?)
6. Continue saving
7. Open another savings account, for the purchase of a house/condo
8. Follow through and buy a condo within the next three years
9. Paint the walls
10. Volunteer
11. No matter how challenging, don’t give up on the parents, work hard to keep the parents and the brother together
12. Go to the gym
13. At least three times a week
14. Loose thirty pounds by the end of August
15. Once that weight loss goal has been achieved set another
16. Take a glass blowing class
17. Take a pottery class
18. Take an acrylics class, preferably something challenging like figure painting
19. Take a cooking class
20. Go to a winery, take a tour
21. Go to more restaurants by myself
22. Go to a bar by myself
23. Learn how to use my camera
24. Take 10 pics a day for a week straight
25. Take the train somewhere, Canada maybe?
26. Use my employee benefits, there are tons of hotels that I haven’t seen
27. Speaking of, go to Boston
28. Run away to Mexico with the work place friends
29. Go to Cuba, dress colorfully
30. Keep up the monthly dinner parties
31. One month should be brunch (with mimosas!)
32. Have a fondue party (buy the fondue pot from value village)
33. And another month should be a picnic
34. Try to convince the participants to have some at their houses
35. Find some window boxes
36. Figure out how to use them with my windows
37. Grow a small garden with freesia outside the bedroom windows
38. Buy screens for the windows this summer, bugs scare me
39. Work on the furniture
40. Go miniature golfing
41. Go ice skating
42. Go skiing
43. Buy a tent and sleeping bag
44. Go camping
45. Go camping with friends who are not my brother and his boyfriend
46. Find a ‘best of’ reading list and read the entire contents
47. Go to the symphony
48. Go to a film festival
49. Go to the eye doctor, get new contacts
50. Get new glasses for the days I don’t want to wear the contacts
51. Find a specialist, get an expert opinion on the prospect of lasik
52. Go to the dentist
53. Get my wisdom teeth pulled
54. Be wise without them
55. Learn to tell a better joke
56. Buy some skirts
57. Wear them
58. Find and wear some sexy shoes in something other than black (I have had several pairs of pink shoes since)
59. Pay closer attention to the news
60. Read the paper
61. Work in a coffee shop for at least a month, learn how to make an amazing cup of coffee
62. Hang out in coffee shops more often, take my reading outside of my apartment
63. Find and try spicy chocolate
64. Try escargot
65. Go horseback riding
66. Learn to kayak
67. Finish the painting
68. Paint something else
69. Learn to BBQ
70. Have a place to do it
71. Buy a fruit tree and keep it alive long enough to produce
72. Date
73. Make-out like a teenager
74. Take a yoga class
75. Figure out how to straighten my hair
76. Learn how to wear a little make-up
77. Find a lip stain that I like (something a little darker than the tinted gloss I usually wear)
78. Get a credit card
79. Continue developing my credit
80. Go visit the Vegas friends in Hawaii
81. Rent a bike and tour around Bremerton/Bainbridge
82. Find and buy a few more nice dresses
83. Find and go to some swanky events in which those dresses can be worn
84. Find somewhere I can volunteer to help with building/refurbishing houses
85. Donate blood
86. Date some more
87. Go on a romantic weekend away
88. Explore the San Juan islands
89. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
90. Find some festive unmentionables
91. Send a message by balloon
92. Ride in a hot air balloon
93. Make my own Christmas cards
94. Research how to sell the cards
95. Go skinny dipping
96. Have fun more often
97. Go dancing
98. Learn how to do an actual dance
99. Kiss in the rain
100. Fall in love
101. Make it last

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Anonymous said...

I just have to say that I LOVE your list!! Inspiring. :)