Friday, July 24, 2009

Cucumbers and other delimas

I feel like this has been a particularly difficult summer for growing veggies! My standard houseplants seem to flourish though our recent heat waves, but my veggies are unhappy! My pepper plants were the first casualty, they had a nasty case of aphids. The banana tree hatched so fungus gnats - I learned they have to be watered from the bottom lest they attract these small fruit fly like bugs. My tomatoes are struggling, bug and disease free, but slow growing this year.
...And that brings me to the cucumbers.
I think all of these problems are the result of starting veggies from seeds (that are not disease resilient varieties), using organic soil, and heavy watering to combat heavy heat/sun exposure.
I haven't ever had this many problems with my veggies! It saddens me really.
The cucumbers are loosing their leaves to some kind of fungus, after googling I think it has something to do with the watering.... *sigh*
Anyone have any ideas on how to save my 23 baby cucumbers? :)

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