Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pictures a bust!

Sadly the disposable camera pictures were a bust! I can only offer a few shots (of victory - we were the last car on the ferry!)

When Friday Harbor was repeatedly labled 'touristy' by friends and co-workers alike, I imagined Oregon Coast tourist traps, but Friday Harbor surprised me with just a few kitschy shops, a couple of restaurants, several tasty coffee shops, a kitchen shop we loved, and a cute Saturday farmers market.
We wandered around a little each day, ending with five bottles of wine from San Juan Cellars, some over exposed pictures of alpacas, delicious memories of pork ribs doused in campfire smoke, the island luxury of afternoon napping, and love for Lime Kiln Park (it was easily my favorite place on San Juan Island!).

Sunday night after returning home, it was hard to sleep without the sounds of our island birds, I am already hoping for a trip to Orcas Island next year!

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