Friday, October 9, 2009

360 Degrees Longitude by John Higham

Hello! I have another book for you. Yes, I have been spending all of my free time reading while on the elliptical. It burns calories, allows me to work on my balance (I have none, and no hands is an accomplishment!) and time passes much more quickly when reading an engrossing book!
Anyway, I loved this book: 360 Degrees Longitude, One Family's Journey Around the World. It is a true story of a family who saves for 10 years to travel the globe; examine how people around the world are the same and different, learn about history, current culture, and experience something that not many of us get a chance to do.
When I was 13 my mom took my brother and I to Hawaii with some family friends and their daughter. The adults were upset that the rented condo was in rough shape, I managed to get a fairly intense dose of sun burn/heat stroke, and I nearly drowned after turning my back to the ocean (I didn't know, I was a 13 year old girl from ALASKA, we don't go into the ocean where I come from!) lol... Anyway, I'm sure my Mom remembers the trip quite a bit differently than I do (though while writing this I am remembering all kinds of fun details, like the couple 'making out' in the plane seats next to my 10 year old brother?) lol...
The point of this tangent: Can you imagine taking your two kids around the world? Ours was just a trip to Hawaii, theirs a trip through 28 countries.
It was a fantastic book!
Oh, and I also learned that I would like to add Salar de Uyuni to my list of must visit places... South American salt flats that (during the rainy season) are covered with a couple inches of water. Water that reflects the sky so that the horizon disappears and you look like you are walking in the clouds. Imagine that at sunset.

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