Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthdays and baking

Long ago I heard an old saying that I have since also heard applied to New Year's Day: Be careful how you spend your birthday, what you do on this day will determine how you spend the following year. Now, I am kind of superstitious, so each year I try to make my birthday weekend FUN, relaxing, and filled with people I love.
We were slated to spend the weekend hiking in the mountains, but after battling work places filled with illness, David came down with a sickness that wasn't messing around. Thankfully our B&B reservations were easily canceled (they didn't want our sickness any more than we did!) and I took myself shopping (for a size smaller jeans!) to compensate.
So, maybe this coming year wont contain the most vacations, but I did get to spend the day getting massaged and manicured, in smaller clothes, with tasty takeout, roses, and a VERY supportive and understanding boyfriend. I think it will be okay.

Oh, and check out my birthday loot! In the first pic, our fish Winston is checking out the new blue competition in town! lol... He was quite fascinated!
What should we name our new mixer? I'm kind of partial to Whirly. lol...
I opened presents on Thursday (Mom, I had an excuse, we were going on vacation!), and promptly made David whipped mashed potatoes. Friday I ended up playing around with a few bread recipes, we made two loaves of rye bread and two of cinnamon raisin. This mixer will take some getting used to - I made a few mistakes with the breads, but I love it already! (I will post recipes once I smooth out the process)
I have also taken to reading a few diet/healthy eating/running blogs. I am going to update the links to the right with some of my favorites - they have quickly replaced my health magazine addiction, these are real people making over their lives, and it is inspiring to read each day.
Many of the women from these blogs, and most recently my Mom have recommended eating oatmeal for breakfast each morning - you should check out some of their oatmeal toppings! When grocery shopping, David and I picked up some pumpkin to give one version a try:

We have been making bulgar wheat for breakfast a couple times a week, and I love it, but was excited to try new additions! I found bulgar with pumpkin and raisins too sweet, but will try pumpkin and nuts tomorrow!

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Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I have that exact same mixer! Although it lives on top of my pantry and rarely gets used...I love it anyway! :)