Friday, November 6, 2009

Goals - Weight loss!

Since December 2007, I have lost 65 lbs. I have lost 30 since May (some of which were repeat pounds), but wanted to loose 50. Trying to do it on my own and even with the help of my boyfriend is tough, and often times I feel that my weight issues are more emotional issues than they are weight issues.
Here is where I give all of that up: I would like to loose 15 lbs by the end of the year.
This is not the end of the road for me, I will be setting a new goal after reaching this one, but small achievable goals = victory, and motivation!

I have made a list of things to help me along the way:
  • Cut out excess calories. I eat several tasty snacks a day, and lately have been allowing myself a coffee a day and maybe even a piece of candy (like March madness, there is candy madness in our office with daily voting and everything!). That coffee a day business started while having to work 6am shifts and just hasn't stopped. From here on out I am going to limit myself to one coffee per week, no candy, and pack LOTS of fruits and veggies for snacks - no excuses, no falling back into the rut!
  • Gym. Go, and often! I have been pretty good in this area, but need to keep it up, especially with the aforementioned nasty weather brewing! I would like to continue pushing myself to go 5 days a week.
  • Run. I have a goal: Run 3 miles in 30 minutes by the end of the month. I have run for 30 mins, I just need to speed it up and keep it up!
  • Drink more water. I have a water bottle at work and am going to try to drink two full bottles per day = 64 oz (during work hours). I may also add green tea, or chai tea, but those are extra!
  • AM workout video. I would like to work this in 2 - 3 times per week, I need a little direction and endorphin boost in the am.
  • Keep eliminating clothing as it gets too big. I do better when I can't slide back, and though I bought myself some new jeans this month, I should have bought new work pants too!
  • Post a full body pic and goal updates at least once a month. Like I said, I have been reading quite a few weight loss/healthy eating/running blogs, and they all have said this makes you more accountable, and I can see it - I WANT to see changes - that is motivating!
I also really need to work on my menu planning. Come up with some new ideas for lunch, and really make sure that I have lots of veggie snacks available for workplace stress cravings.
So we'll see how this works posting everything online, I can hardly wait to reach that goal!
(Oh, and if I do? I am going to buy myself a present!)

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Heather Rae said...

You are so awesome, Christy! I know you will reach your goals. You've done amazing so far! Also, I'm a workout video freak - let me know if you would like any suggestions. :)