Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF and weekend workouts

Checking in!  I did pretty good this week, but have some workouts to get in this weekend! 

Goals from this week (10/03):
Two sessions with my trainer - I actually did three!  Unfortunately next week I have to start with a new trainer.  Here's hoping this one will be as tough as the last!

Four morning runs - I did one... ugh, need to work on this,  I want to be up to running with my Dad in December!

Five POP palates videos - zero, will have to work these in this weekend

Track my food every day, and stick to my 1500 calorie goal - I have been a  rockstar tracker this week!  Need to keep it up over the weekend.

Flu shot on Monday, take extra vitamin C this week - check!  I think it made me a little run down, and I ended up getting a little burned out on the diet/exercise plan.  Feeling better though and looking forward to some great workouts this weekend :)

Buy ticket to Peru!!!! - Done and done!  Expensive, but the rest of the trip is going to be pretty cheap so I am just going to go with it.  :)

This weekend I am hoping for two good gym sessions, a trip to the farmers market, and some good reading time - I have a huge stack of library books to work through!  Lol... I know, nerdy! Lol...

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