Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday already!

Wishing the weekend were longer, and already it is Tuesday!   We had a blast at the pumpkin farm, and were a little crazy with the camera (me) lol...
This weekend I made New England Apple Butter (with maple sugar, bay and cloves) and am loving it paired with Trader Joe's fat free greek yogurt - yum!  I also made concord grape jam (labor intensive and super messy!)  Not sure if I will ever make that again, but I bet it will make good pb&j for hiking!  Lol....
Exciting news:  measurements yesterday with my trainer - I have lost 2% body fat in the last three weeks!  Maybe not a huge difference, but I am excited to see any kind of results!
Goals for the week of 10/17:
Two training sessions
Three gym sessions and try out some HIIT cardio
Try to sneak in a sauna (need some relaxation time!)
And pumpkin carving this weekend! :)

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