Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three exciting things from the day

Today started on a pretty awesome note, the boyfriend and I ran two miles straight this morning - no walk breaks, in pouring down rain, at 5am!!! I am so proud of that, and love that we are doing this together!
...but running makes me HUNGRY!  Why is that?
Anyway, a busy day, but I did find time to sign up for my first 5K!  I have given up clarifying that this will be the second, but my first to run, because in my mind the one walked just doesn't count!  Lol....
I know I can do the distance easily, my fastest time has been 37 minutes, so I would be happy with anything less - but my real goal here is to run the whole race, no walking!  I will be so excited if I can pull that off, and on my birthday?  It's going to be awesome!
Oh, and the third great thing?  My dahlia is blooming for the first time!  :)  yep, today has had some pretty great highlights!

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