Tuesday, November 15, 2011

more training sessions?

I have three more sessions: Wednesday, Friday and next Monday, then comes the question of if I should buy more? I’m leaning toward no… but it has been so nice having my workout planned for me, just being able to show up and do! Questions and doubts haven’t been encouraged for the last three months.

I like that, I like the ease, I’ve grown to love squats and lunges, things I never would have done before training. The reason I’m not committed? I have only lost 5 pounds in three months. Now don’t get me wrong, my body fat percentage has gone down, I have lost a couple inches, but I feel like at 200 pounds I need to focus on losing weight, not a gaining muscle.

Lately I have been feeling like I buy into every new diet every doctor and trainer throws at me, and none of them really work! I think I just need to get back to calorie counting and eating everything. I am coming to the conclusion that my weight isn’t due to any kind of intolerance, I have allergies, but only to preservatives and things of that nature - no problems if I eat clean and limit my calories.

So here ‘s the plan:

Buy the New rules for lifting, I have seen this used on several running blogs, I think it is worth a shot to get that same preplanned workout feeling without the expense of a trainer.

I need to work on holding *myself* accountable for workouts and runs. When I don’t feel well or have low energy those are the first things that go and I regret that.

Same thing with yoga - I need to join a class, gym yoga kind of sucks, I need to commit to a real class, I love it and feel like it will really help my running.

And on the running front - come up with a training plan and DO, no excuses!

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