Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes. I. Can.

I'm not a sports girl.  I'm an outdoors girl, former tomboy, love to walk, yoga, can easily handle hours at the gym.... but never have really been into sports.  Closest I've ever come would be watching crossfit or olympic lifting on tv, and the ironman races - am riveted by the extreme stuff, but that would never be me.  Really, I like looking like a girl.  :)
Today I ran 4 miles.  I took my time, went slow.  I did it, and it felt like conquering doubt, both mine and my partner's (he was not a fan of me running in the dark!), and that was just an amazing feeling. 
I am learning that the first mile and a half or so are hard for me, but after that?  I just don't want to stop!  Truthful, my legs felt GOOD,  if it hadn't been pitch black out I would have kept going, and too just feels amazing.
Tomorrow my goal is to sign up for a 15k.  9.3 miles and I am sure that I can do it in less than an hour and a half.  Maybe I will sign up for another 5k too, I can beat my last time!  :)

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