Sunday, November 6, 2011


Every November I kind of freak out a bit.... grouchy, bratty, I expect those close to me to just know what's up with me and not only deal, but be better, more social, more romantic, more supportive even while I have a bad attitude.  I by no means think this is a positive trait, I really don't think about my snarkiness until after - after the mammogram.  Ugh.  Wish I could skip the whole experience, or at least that it didn't freak me out so much, but no such luck. 
This year though.... I 'm trying to be more conscious, more thankful.  It is November.  :)
I can't say that I have been totally successful, but i'm trying to channel my worries into running - 2.5 miles yesterday, 1.5 today.

Goals for the week of 11/07:
Three trainer sessions
Run 5 miles broken up however
Clean eating all week
Be mindful of work and personal stress, work in more workouts if needed.

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